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A section for students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU.

Recommended paths

The Journalism concentration at WSCI has certain core requirements, beyond which you have a wide choice of subjects. You can tailor-make your programme. But it’s useful to think in terms of three different branches within journalism: reporting and writing; editing and design; and photojournalism. Try to choose subject combinations that build up your competence in one or more of these branches. Which you pick should depend on your interests and aptitudes.

To guide this process, the journalism faculty has identified recommended subject combinations for the various branches of journalism. Please note that the information is meant as a rough guide and not as a scientific prescription for success. It is based on what journalistic skills are valued, generally speaking. Ultimately, each journalist builds his or her career on unique strengths. Therefore, you should refer to these maps without closing your mind to discovering your own way, off the beaten path.

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A. Reporting and writing

B. Editing and design

C. Photojournalism

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