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November 30th, 2007

A section for students of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU.

Newspapers and magazines are always looking for people who can do more than just write, people who can visualise the whole story as a page, and understand how to forge a connection between the publication and the reader. This is the central tenet of the Editing and Design path.

The basics of writing and editing are covered in the Lower Division’s COM204 Basic Media Writing and Track Core COM221 News Reporting & Writing. These cover the craft of writing and gathering information, and are the platform on which students can build an expertise in editing and design. COM206 Visual Literacy and Communication introduces issues in the visual media. From the PPC side, the Connexscions practicum gives magazine and design skills, and introduces the PR/magazine connection, as does COM258 Integrated Marketing Communication.

In the Lower Division, COM223 Publication Design is an essential course for anyone who wants to connect with the reader as effectively as possible. Two practicums – COM261/A (Nanyang Chronicle) and COM262/A (INTUNE magazine practicum during long vacation) both give hands-on experience of writing and layout, as well as commissioning other writers and editing their work.

In the Upper Division, track core COM411 News Copy Editing looks at editorial decision making, elements on a page as well as ethical and legal issues. COM420 Magazine Publishing focuses on the techniques and tactics magazines use to build a relationship with the reader, including relevant design, writing style and content. Courses in Online Journalism and Web Design (COM224 and COM421) and Photojournalism (COM422 and COM423) give perspective on visual communication and design. COM412 Advanced Writing Workshop looks at the different types of writing styles – essential for any editor.

In other schools, HS210 Popular Culture, HP203 Social Psychology, and HW101 Craft of Writing (at HSS); and VIS210 Typography (at ADM) and BM212 Consumer Behaviour (at NBS) would all be of interest.

The path can give students a step-up into jobs such as sub-editing, design and editing, which are often careers chosen by those who feel uncomfortable out on the streets interviewing and chasing stories, but still want to bring their personality and brand of journalistic magic to newspapers, magazines and websites.

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