The impact of new media on governance



July 11th, 2007

A research paper in the Civil Service College publication, Ethos Perspectives (December 2006), provides a window on current thinking within some sectors of the administration.

The new media challenges our current assumptions about citizen engagement in the policy-making process. Blogs as a tool for governance can only be effective if governments can develop the right approach, in the context of its values, environment and vision, for engaging its citizenry. In addition, there is an urgency to review current media policies so that it can address the challenges and opportunities of the new media. Before we are too quick to label new media as the playground of the young and restless, or consider hard-headed measures to harness the power of blogs, we need to better understand the motivations and socio-demographics of bloggers in order to develop a more informed strategy to connect and interact with these netizens.

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