Co-founder of The Online Citizen launches new alternative site

September 1st, 2011

Andrew Loh, one of the editors of The Online Citizen until just after May’s General Election, has launched a new socio-political website, Public House. The site doesn’t have an “About Us” page yet, but Loh is understood to be one of the site’s founders.

Loh, who helped to create TOC in 2006, led the site’s GE coverage. He left shortly after. Since then, he has been writing regularly for Yahoo! News. He is known for his passionate writing on social issues and progressive causes. His latest venture continues in that mould: he has an article appealing to new President Tony Tan to save Malaysian death row inmate Yong Vui Kong.

An article by Eric Tan (presumably the former Workers’ Party CEC member) calls on the transport minister to consider opposition parties’ ideas for improving Singapore’s public transport system.

It is not yet clear how, if at all, Public House plans to distinguish itself from the more established TOC. But given Loh’s experience in running an alternative group blog, it’s safe to say that Public House is one work in progress that’s worth watching.

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