Singapore Court Fines Wall Street Journal for “Scandalizing the Court”

November 27th, 2008

From WSJ Law Blog: In a case brought by the city-state’s attorney general, Singapore’s high court found the publisher of the Wall Street Journal’s asian edition and two of its editors in contempt of court for publishing two editorials and a letter to the editor that the government says damaged the reputation of the country’s judicial system. The court fined the newspaper about $16,500, the largest ever penalty in such a case. Read on.

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The saga continues:

  • Wall Street Journal editorial: “We’ll pay the fine. We’ll also continue to express our views about politics, the courts and other subjects that we think our readers should know about.”
  • Government response to WSJ editorial: “You have decided not to appeal. Yet you now repeat the scandalous charges, knowing that they are in contempt of the Singapore courts.” – Ambassador Chan Heng Chee.

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