Malaysia’s political twists and turns: S’pore media told to play it straight

July 7th, 2008

Over the years, Singapore’s mainstream media have earned a reputation for credible reporting of Malaysian politics, compared with Malaysia’s own frequently partisan newspapers and television stations. However, the Singapore media have now been asked not too wield too sharp a knife in their coverage of the bizarre events across the Causeway. The reminder has come from both the Malaysian High Commissioner and the Singapore Government.

The first salvo came from the Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore, N. Parameswaran, reacting to an article in Today. When Today did not express sufficient contrition, the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office issued a letter saying that “it is unwise for Singapore media to take sides, especially when it involves our immediate neighbours”: “Although developments in Malaysia affect Singapore, we must be disinterested external observers, not partisan participants in their domestic politics.”

Here are the relevant articles:

Letter from the Singapore PM’s press secretary.

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